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Semiconductors Are Everywhere

Chip technology can be found everywhere in daily life, which means semiconductor manufacturers face increasingly diverse challenges.

The semiconductor market now spans a broad range of consumer and industrial products in sectors including healthcare, transportation, energy, entertainment, aerospace and defense, and home appliances. Most importantly, semiconductor technology solutions form the backbone of our communication networks, whether in the network infrastructure or in the end-user device.

In response to the many megatrends driving the semiconductor market, technology solutions must be more flexible and responsive while leveraging advanced packaging processes.

Diverse Challenges Require Collaboration and Semiconductor Capital Equipment Investment

The dynamic, diverse landscape of semiconductor technology solutions requires a great deal of integration and collaboration across the semiconductor supply chain as well as the contributions that can be made by advanced packaging processes.

If semiconductor manufacturers want to turn today’s challenges into opportunities, they must continue to develop novel materials, processes, architectures, and devices to achieve the performance, power, and cost improvements needed to create a highly connected world that is stitched together with semiconductors.

Close collaboration must span the entire semiconductor supply chain and be supported by investment in semiconductor capital equipment for front-end processes, advanced packaging processes, and extreme ultraviolet (EUV)/photomask applications, which are necessary for addressing the numerous and complex materials challenges faced by semiconductor manufacturers.

Semiconductor Technology Solutions That Span the Supply Chain

ӣɬ’s portfolio of semiconductor capital equipment stretches across the entire semiconductor supply chain.

From highly differentiated laser annealing and advanced packaging lithography technology to ion beam deposition for EUV mask blank production, our robust portfolio delivers best-in-class semiconductor technology solutions and advanced packaging processes across a broad range of semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging processes. This includes laser annealing and lithography, wet processing, ion beam etch and deposition, atomic layer deposition, and gas and vapor delivery systems.

Front-End Processes Make the Impossible Possible

As the pursuit of smaller nodes continues to as low as 3nm, semiconductor manufacturers of both logic and memory are going vertical to increase density, which creates new demands for semiconductor capital equipment, new pressures on the semiconductor supply chain, and the need to fully exploit advanced packaging processes.

Stacking circuitry layers or cells to make 3D transistors and 3D memory requires unique know-how and magnified thinking. It also requires the right front-end process tools designed for precision and accuracy.

Semiconductor manufacturers are exploring front-end-of-line (FEOL) technologies such as MBCFET, GAAFET, and RibbonFET as they look to improve overall performance by packing more transistors onto a single chip.

Through intense collaboration, ӣɬ can help manufacturers navigate these trends in front-end processes and deliver sustainable solutions for high-performance, low-power devices.

The Future of Advanced Packaging Is 3D

Today’s high-tech challenges can be solved only with functional integration of sensing, computing, memory, radiofrequency (RF) devices, and more.

Performance improvements through device scaling are no longer enough to serve the needs of applications like 5G, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and smart manufacturing. This is driving device architectures into fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) and the third dimension.

Advanced packaging processes are integrating more features and circuit blocks into smaller spaces, all operating at faster speeds, while heterogeneous integration based on novel but increasingly standardized chiplet solutions is opening bold new frontiers in connectivity, including smart mobility, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

ӣɬ is committed to maintaining its leadership in advanced packaging to help customers improve their devices by applying the latest 3D technologies and sharing their passion for technology and its promise for a bright future.

EUV Solves Photomask Challenges

EUV lithography is a fast-growing reality, and it is driving the demand for photomasks in the semiconductor market.

As integrated circuit (IC) feature sizes shrink, so do the designs used to manufacture them. Shrinking device nodes pose challenges to the patterning process, beginning with the photomask. Manufacturing photomasks that can support finer geometries calls for revolutionary thinking. Photomasks carry the vision of IC designers from conceptualization to realization.

EUV lithography is enabling the manufacture of unprecedented nanoscale devices, but it requires extreme photomask precision. Through intentional collaboration, ӣɬ customizes its tools and systems to deliver defect-free photomasks.

ӣɬ Drives Semiconductor Solutions Across the Supply Chain

ӣɬ is leading the next generation of semiconductor technology solutions by continually investing in both technology development and a stellar engineering team to exceed the needs of all major players in the semiconductor market and across the semiconductor supply chain.

ӣɬ makes a material difference by understanding its customers’ specific requirements and working closely with them to discover innovative, unique solutions that will drive their success.

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