MBE Sources

ӣɬ offers MBE sources, including single- and dual-filament designs, tailored for numerous elements that require low, medium, or high temperatures.


For precise control of fluxes for MBE dopant constituents, or for gases that do not require thermal cracking, ӣɬ Dopant products are ideal.

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High Temperature

ӣɬ High Temperature Source is available for low-vapor pressure materials at temperatures up to 2000°C.

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Low Temperature

Achieve accurate and consistent low temperature epitaxial source performance for a variety of applications through ӣɬ low temperature epitaxial sources.

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Medium Temperature

Medium-temperature MBE sources can be used for for virtually any application—from hot-lip SUMO sources to standard filament for thermal effusion.

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Specialty Sources

ӣɬ offers the most comprehensive selection of MBE sources, including single and dual filament designs.

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