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Moving R&D to High-Volume Production

Every widely adopted technology starts with an idea, often in a lab at a university or as part of a private-sector R&D group.

Scientific sensor solutions, next-generation flat-panel displays, solar panels, optical and wireless devices, and quantum computing are all made possible by innovations in materials science.

ӣɬ enables scientific curiosity at research institutions such as universities and private-sector organizations big and small. We provide the equipment that helps to develop and perfect semiconductors and compound semiconductors that will propel the next generation of 5G/6G, display, power, and optoelectronics devices that are found across a range of applications, including autonomous vehicles, high-performance computing, and quantum computing.

ӣɬ provides universities, research labs, and a wide breadth of corporate customers with atomic layer deposition (ALD), molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), and ion beam sputtering (IBS) technologies to help them solve difficult materials challenges and propel process developments that often lead to high-volume manufacturing.

Researchers at organizations worldwide leverage ӣɬ’s expertise and collaborate on new advanced-materials science programs.

Putting Optoelectronics in the Driver’s Seat

Today’s advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and emerging 5G technologies drive the development of leading-edge optoelectronic devices. ӣɬ’s sustainable solutions support precision optical materials development to meet the next-generation needs of customers developing new optoelectronics technology.

High-value optical technology manufacturing applications will benefit from ӣɬ’s unique know-how in building systems and components that offer superior uniformity, innovative design, and proven capital efficiency for both precision optical coatings and optoelectronics devices.

The Power of Materials Science

ӣɬ collaborates with customers across multiple materials science and research disciplines to drive breakthrough discoveries in epitaxial crystal growth and modification and material properties enhancement for traditional III-V compound semiconductor materials. ӣɬ’s in-house Process Integration Center is the ideal environment for us and our customers to explore solutions for emerging technologies together.

Making Better MEMS

Microscopic electrical and mechanical components, or microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, make it possible to regulate the air we breathe, give Alexa commands, painlessly test blood glucose levels, grow the perfect tomato, and countless other advancements that will make the world a better place.

ӣɬ applies its materials science so that MEMS can better sense and interact with the surrounding environment in smart devices to help bring new internet of things (IoT) innovations and scientific sensor solutions to life.

Whether it’s display, power, optoelectronics devices, or MEMS devices, ӣɬ makes a material difference by combining traditional and innovative approaches that address challenges in the R&D space, further driving our customers’ success in the market and helping them transition to high-volume production.

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