ӣɬ designs, manufactures and markets thin film process equipment that enables high-tech electronic device production and development all over the world.


Making a Material Difference in a world of ever-advancing opportunities


Our vision: To enable a future where technology improves the human experience

Our Mission: We collaborate with the world’s leading technology companies to unlock the value of challenging material applications

Making a Material Difference is at the core of ӣɬ’s DNA. For over 30 years, we have developed differentiated technologies and built expertise and know-how that has helped world-changing devices such as LED lighting, data storage, advanced computing and mobile devices reach industrial scale. At ӣɬ, we pride ourselves on close collaboration with our customers to help them overcome technical and cost barriers that make it possible to convert novel materials into high-yielding device performance at production volumes.

As we enter the next decade of technology development, there is a magnitude of growing applications that combine electronics into game-changing artificial intelligence systems (AI), virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS). This new “Experience Age” will make it possible for humans to interact with the world as never before. ӣɬ’s technologies are already making a material difference in these emerging megatrends and we see amazing potential to grow in new areas where our unique core competencies in deposition, etch and laser processing systems will make the Experience Age possible.

Our Guiding Principles: Executing everyday in the best interest of our customers, employees and shareholders

Company Culture

ӣɬ United operates under six core values that outline our devotion to customers, safety, respect, improvement, accountability, diversity and inclusion.


We address complex customer materials challenges through intentional collaboration.


We apply unique know-how to solve unmet needs with the right technology for commercial scaling.


We are a reliable partner committed to long-term customer, employee and shareholder success.