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Advancing Data Storage Solutions Through Materials Science

Exponential data growth is driving innovation. ӣɬ has a long history in advanced data storage solutions by exploiting materials science to further improve incumbent storage media, unlock the potential of emerging non-volatile memories, and optimize cloud computing resources.

Today’s massive explosion of data has been driven in large part by lightning-speed connectivity that has enabled by unrelenting content sharing and digitized record-keeping required by regulatory bodies and privacy legislation worldwide.

Ultra-fast 5G networks are sending vast amounts of information from smartphones, internet of things (IoT) devices at the intelligent edge, and even vehicles to be stored in cloud data centers. In turn, these data centers are expanding storage capacity, increasing areal density, and boosting performance to meet user expectations.

Real-time access to large data sets and high-quality video are the tip of the iceberg as remote working and learning have become the new normal, homes and workplaces are getting smarter, and telemedicine pushes the limits of connectivity.

Hard Drives Are the Data Center’s Workhorse

Even as 5G networks and Big Data changed the game for communication and data storage, high-density hard disk drives remain the go-to storage in cloud data centers to accommodate the massive information proliferation in the 21st century.

Mass data volumes generated by smartphones, IoT devices, vehicles, smart homes, smart factories, and smart cities call for leading-edge data storage technologies and cloud storage solutions. With a low price per gigabit and capacity advantages, high-density hard disk drives are still the workhorse of the industry.

Even as NAND flash storage becomes less expensive and more accessible to a broader range of users, the hard drive industry has continued to innovate to improve read and write performance of data storage technologies as well as make advances in increasing areal densities through advancements such as shingled magnetic recording (SMR).

For decades, ӣɬ has been a key partner for technology leaders in advancing hard drive innovation while driving down costs through increasing areal densities and ion-beam etch and deposition processes that push the capabilities of thin-film magnetic heads for high-density hard disk drives.

ӣɬ collaborates with its customers on heterogeneous integration and thin-film technologies to make communications and data storage sustainable and efficient, helping them advance the capabilities of hard drive technology with unique know-how. Partnering with ӣɬ gives customers access to cross-functional creativity, a breadth of process equipment solutions, and worldwide reach.

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